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BOYCOTT Motorola

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Motorola supplies Israel with the military tools it needs to sustain its occupation and oppression of the Palestinians - from fuses for aircraft bombs and guided missiles; military encrypted comms systems with transportable units which deploy with the army in to the battle field; advanced radar/thermal camera surveillance systems for the settlements; metal detection gates used at checkpoints; and a cellular network tailored for the settlements. Its economic investment in Israel, which dates back to 1948, is huge and in recognition Motorola has received the Jubilee Award.

Research Findings:

Motorola Inc. is a US based multinational electronics corporation with a 2007 sales turnover of $36.6 billion[1]. In 2008, Motorola's mobile phone division accounted for half its revenue[17]. In 2006 Motorola was #2 in the worldwide mobile phone market with a 21% share. Since then Motorola's market share has collapsed, dropping to #5 in 2008 behind Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson. With its market share down to just 6.2% (#4, 1Q 2009)[18] Motorola is vulnerable to consumer pressure. In 1998 Motorola Inc, received the Jubilee Award presented by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. This is the highest tribute ever awarded by the "State of Israel" in recognition of those organizations, that through their investments and trade relationships, have done the most to strengthen the Israeli economy[19].
At the Israeli Prime Minister’s Conference (Nov 2003) Mike Zafirovski the Chief Operating Officer of Motorola Inc. talked of Motorola's history in Israel which began before 1948[5]. In 1948, in defiance of the Arab boycott, Motorola began supplying communications equipment worth $125 million to the fledgling state. Globes, Israel's business daily, in a feature on Motorola titled "We were first" revealed "Motorola Israel, which was set up when the State of Israel was founded in 1948, is proud of the fact that it was the first non-North American branch of the communications giant, and that Motorola was one of the few companies to defy the Arab boycott by establishing an Israeli subsidiary."[11] 60 years on, Motorola Israel employs nearly 4,500 israelis and has a sales turnover of $1.143 billion (2007)[1][2]. Motorola's largest manufacturing facility worldwide is in Arad, in Israel[5].


Motorola - an arm of the IDF

From those early days Motorola has acted as the technology arm of the IDF, helping Israel carry out its repressive policies towards the Palestinians. In return Motorola profits handsomely from selling the products developed for suppressing the Palestinians to a worldwide market - the 'war on terror' is big business. For example Motorola's security radar/camera system used in the settlements and apartheid wall is being considered by the US for deployment on the Mexican border[6], and the Motorola mobile data terminals developed for the IDF and advertised as "ideally suited" for military and homeland security have been sold to the Serbian Ministry of Interior and Police Force[7].
Motorola supports the IDF in three key areas - weapon components (bomb fuses), military communications systems, and military surveillance systems.

Bomb Fuses

According to the Israeli Ministry of Defense: "Motorola Israel is the leading Israeli company in developing and manufacturing a wide range of electronic fuzes for aircraft bombs and guided munitions. Motorola Israel is considered to be the fuzing systems house for the Israeli Airforce and for major Israeli defense industries like IAI, IMI and Rafael for a wide range of projects."[4]
These fuses are the key components of bombs which determine how they detonate. One of the bomb fuses Motorola produces is the 980 Low Altitude Proximity Fuse for the MK-80 series of high explosive bombs[36]. On July 30 2006, during its attack on Lebanon, the Israeli Air Force dropped an MK-84 high-explosive bomb, the largest of the MK-80 series of weapons, on an apartment building in Qana, Lebanon, killing at least twenty-eight civilians most of whom were children. Israel receives its MK-84 bomb bodies from the US and then fits its own kits to adapt it for different uses. The kits include gps, guidance and fuse components. After its successful brutal attack on Qana, Israel in April 2007 asked the US for 3,500 more MK-84 bomb bodies[13]. And in the attack on Gaza in 2009 it made "unprecedented" use of the 1 ton MK-84 bomb in destroying building and tunnels along the Gaza-Sina border[14].

In 2009, in the aftermath of 'Operation Caste Lead' Human Rights Watch whilst searching the debris of a civilian target in Gaza found missile components with Motorola serial numbers[9][8]. It is believed these missiles were launched by drones - Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)[8]. Its known that Motorola works very closely with Aeronautics Defense Systems which produces Israels UAVs. Motorola provides the microprocessors for the UAVs and its bomb fuzes. In fact the relationship is so close that on April 1, 2009 Israel's Aeronautics Defense Systems formally bought out the bomb fuze unit of Motorola for $20 million[10].

Updated  -  http://www.inminds.com/boycott-motorola.php

Military Comms

Motorola's "Mountain Rose" transportable
unit invades Lebanon, 2006

In July 2000 Motorola sold the IDF a sophisticated military encrypted voice & data communications system ( GSM-900 military cellular network) code named "Mountain Rose". The contract was worth $100 million[11], and the system went operational in 2004. This is a key component in helping Israeli occupation forces control and subdue the Palestinian population and carry out its military operations in Palestinian territories. "Mountain Rose" formed the crucial tier in Israel's secured communications network during its attack on Lebanon in 2006[15]. Its transportable sites, which deploy with the military units, extend its coverage in to the battle zone providing effective connectivity and communications for the operating forces[16][36]. Recently Motorola Israel president Elisha Yanai urged Israel set up a new wireless national emergency communications network for use by the security forces in the event of a missile attack on Israel. Israel's Minister of Communications Moshe Kahlon is considering the proposal.[3]

Military Surveillance

Motorola helps Israel realise its goals of colonization and occupation of Palestinian land by providing various Wide Area Surveillance Systems (WAAS) to "protect" its conquests - the illegal settlements and provide security for the apartheid wall and military installations[6][35]. One such system, the Stronghold, was jointly developed with Israel's Aeronautics Defense Systems[32]. The $158 million Motorola systems, based on an array of advanced radar systems and thermal cameras, was first deployed in the settlement of Har Bracha, near Nabulus, in May 2005. In the next 16 months such systems were deployed in a total of 47 settlements, with Hebron next on the list (2006)[6][36].

MIRS (Motorola Integrated Radio Services)

A sharpshooter's 'graduation' T-shirt
from the Givati Brigade shows a
pregnant Palestinian woman with
a bull's-eye superimposed on her
belly, with the slogan, in
English, "1 shot, 2 kills."
Motorola supports a 'Givati' group
raising funds for the IDF.

MIRS Communications Ltd (Motorola Integrated Radio Services), a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola Israel Ltd.[1], is Israel's fourth largest cellular phone network company. MIRS operates in the northern West Bank, without a license from the Palestinian Authority, in defiance of 1995 Oslo agreements[24]. With Motorola's close links to the IDF, MIRS has even by-passed Israel's own expensive permits from the Ministry of Environment by placing one-third of its transmission antennas (about 200) on Israel Defense Force bases which are beyond the law[25]. In return MIRS provides exclusive cellular phone services to the Israeli army and offers special rates for service personnel and their family members. It also has at least 86 more antennas in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied territories[30], moreover, in 2000 it offered special cellular phone package designed for Israeli settlers[29]. MIRS also supports Beit Kobi[27], an organisation founded in memory of an IDF war criminal of the Givati Brigade killed whilst invading Gaza in 2002. Beit Kobi is officially certified by the IDF to raise money for the Israel Defense Force[28]. MIRS contributes among other resources, its communications services to support Beit Kobi[27]. With the huge cost of upgrading to 3G, Motorola has recently indicated that it wishes to sell its MIRS subsidiary[26].



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